DRIWS - Digital Runway Incursion Warning System

DRIWS is a system that prevent runway incursions by keeping track of vehicles and issuing audio-visual alerts when an incursion occurs.


The system is designed to fulfill the EASA requirements regarding Road-holding position lights (CS ADR-DSN.M.770). Furthermore, it is designed as an added safety net, complementary to existing procedures (as recommended in CS ADR-DSN.T.921, Autonomous runway incursion warning system. It functions either autonomously in each vehicle or integrated with ATC systems. The system uses precision positioning, geo-fencing and digital communication. Drivers are alerted and urged to contact ATC when entering and leaving specified areas (configurable, typically RWY). Besides the possibility for ATC personnel to track vehicles, field managers and drivers on the maneuver area are able to keep track of each other, hence facilitating operations under all weather conditions, including low visibility. 

Minimized set of components, easy installation, outstanding performance

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