ATIS7 - Automatic Terminal Information Service

The ATIS system reduces the workload for air traffic controllers through a fully automatical transmission of weather and runway conditions for the airport, thus reducing initial Controller-Pilot radio contacts.

Enhanced safety and service
Information sharing is a key element for flight safety and pilot service. Providing distinct, timely and iterating information over the radio, the Saab ATIS is a valuable addition to any airport.

It can be integrated in the Saab AWOS system without the need for extra hardware, but can also work as a stand alone system.

Input sources
METAR or MET REPORT can be used as input data for the voice report and software configuration allows easy adaptation to specific airport conditions or national rules.

The ATIS receives METAR/MET REPORT, SNOWTAM and RUNWAY IN USE messages from AWOS. Supplementary data may also be entered through the text editor.

In case METAR/MET REPORT is unavailable, the system can be operated manually by entering weather data from the keyboard.

Fully automatic and configurable
In cooperation with one of the leading companies for synthetic voices, we have integrated a synthetic speech solutions to vocalize the ATIS messages with an authentic voice that is easy to read even in a noisy cockpit. Some of the advantages of synthetic voices are that dialects are avoided, pronunciation and emphasis becomes correct and operational information can be added to the ATIS message without need of recordings. The synthetic voice can also be customized to pronounce certain words in the manner required by the customer and can also be adapted for dual languages.

In fully automatic mode, the ATIS operates without the need of user intervention. Airport specific information can be added or changed by the operator at any time, without affecting the ongoing receiving and transmitting of messages.

Without changing the software, the system administrator can configure ATIS to ensure that changes in ICAO standards are met.

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