The Integrated Real-time Information System (IRIS) integrates ATC, MET and AIS information into one common flexible presentation. The controller now has a superior overview of information previously spread over several separate console displays. IRIS provides enhanced situational awareness and better ergonomics for the controller, and it improves the airport’s safety.

Real-time information for all airports
IRIS is a scalable real-time information system, used at both domestic and international airports, in TWR, TMC and ATCC.

Installations can either be stand-alone or part of a nationwide network with local and central servers for backup, site administration and centralized documentation distribution.

Combined presentation
Both dynamic and static information is collected, stored and processed. The result is displayed in a customizable user interface. IRIS combines numerous information sources, such as navigation aids status, MET data, AFTN messages, flight data, surveillance cameras, administrative data and AIP documents.

Communications and remote-control
IRIS has internal communication functions at both the site level and national level. E-mail, system messages and briefings can be distributed across the system, providing the controller with weather forecasts, maintenance information, operational information, etc. The remote control and monitor function can interface runway lights, NAV aids, radar stations, etc.

IRIS is role based and highly adaptable to the user’s needs. The component based user interface can easily be customized by the system administrator.

Prepared for future upgrades
The system comes with a set of components that exchange information through plug-in information channels. New components can be developed in-house or by third-party vendors and added to the system. A standard web browser equipped with Java is used to access the system, permitting thin client architecture and minimizing the installation work.

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