Our AWOS systems are easy to use and easy to maintain. We have followed applicable guidlines concerning the HMI and we try to use as much as possible of the standard WINDOWS-features when designing the software. The system shall behave in the same way as the operators are used to when using a standard PC-software package. We also try to use commersial of the shelf equipment as far as possible. If there's a need of spares or replace units, our customer shall always have the possibility to buy this from any local company, not be forced to call us and wait for a day or two to get spares via courier parcel, it shall be possible to get this locally and at once. High quality, environmently friendly, good competence, fast and in competition are guiding principles to us.

The major advantage with our system is the possibility to use different kind of sensors and to adjust the presentation layout according to the local demands and needs. 

We can use almost any sensor, it can be existing sensors at your airport today or it can be new sensors that is specially wished by the user. If a customer buys a new system and chooses to keep some of the old sensors, it is possible to exchange the old sensors at a later stage. At any time a sensor can be added or removed or echanged due to new demands. Our AWOS system is very flexible and allows new challenges.

The presentation will be tailored according to the demands from the ATC staff. After contract we usually sit down with the endusers and penetrate the earlier layout and the wishes for changes and then agree on a new default HMI and a number of alternatives to this as well as the wished possiblity to change the layout locally in the future. We have a number of examples of existing HMI that can make a start of the discussions.

When we deliver a system we will train your technicians concerning front support as well as your ATC staff concerning the operational use. As an option, you can get a deeper technical training according to your own demands.