Combitech at WATM 2020

Meet us at stand number 305


AWOS7 installed and operational at Hagfors airport Sweden ESOH.

Our AWOS time on site for instalation work at Hagfors airport in Sweden.

AWOS7 installed with upgrades on the airport sensors.

Visibility and present weather sensors from Campbells added on.

System handed over to Airport reprecentative Ricard Engström.

Ricard Engström ESOH, Hans Carlson and Linus Bornmar Combitech AWOS team.


FAT DRIWS for Cranfield Airport

Successfully completed FAT on DRIWS system for Cranfield Airport. 

Hans Carlson, Linus Bornmar Combitech and Anthony Fenwick Cranfield

Photo: P Lindén


Hagfors Airport Sweden order AWOS7

Installation planed Q4 2018


Cranfield Airport order DRIWS

Cranfield Airport order DRIWS system including vehicle and TWR modules.


Meet us at Meterological Technology World Expo 2018

Combitech AWOS team members will be in Amsterdam, Netherlands during Meteorological Technology World Expo at the 9-11 October, stand 9040.

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